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Flour Bluff Junior High choir students held the note during All-Region competition

On Saturday, October 19, 36 Flour Bluff Junior High Choir students competed to earn a spot in the JH/MS All-Region Choir.  Almost 900 students from Region 14 competed in the area contest. Out of the 36 Flour Bluff Junior High students who competed, 35 choir students earned a chair in the All-Region Choir. 

“This was a tremendous feat,” said Michael Perez, Flour Bluff Junior High Choir Director. “We earned many 1st-5th chairs as well. I’m very proud of all of them.”

The students will attend the Region Clinic/Concert in Victoria on November 9.

Below are the students who earned a chair in the All-Region Choir:

SOPRANO 1-Laurianne Gaillard-1st; Jazlyn Price-4th; Montana Allen-12th; Emily Greene-22nd; Penelope Branch-25th
SOPRANO 2-Joshua Garcia-2nd; Jack Winters-4th; Sheira Capol-5th; Adelita Noriega-6th; Isabella Grigsby-7th; Sarah Poe-22nd; Kaitlyn Boley-23rd; Bricelynn Castillo-25th|
ALTO-Anika Garcia-4th; Sierra Martinez-8th

SOPRANO 1– Lisette Torres-8th; Elora Parker-9th; Nylee Van Geem-16th; Analeya Lester-20th
SOPRANO 2– Lawrence Gaillard-2nd; Aylah Sherman-5th; Katelynn Rumfield-13th; Regan Long-14th; Brenna King-Tinney-15th; Alaina Featherby-18th; Jaylee Garcia-22nd
ALTO- Aylana Taylor-4th; Dayanara Underwood-8th; Madison Gibson-14th
TENOR 1– Abel Valdez-15th; Guadalupe Maravilla-18th; Liam Hutchinson-26th
BASS- Tony Hernandez-5th; Nathan Skrobarczyk-7th; Andrew Biven-31st

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